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Welcome to the Leggat Commercial Fleet Team

When it comes to your business vehicle, you can't afford mistakes. At Leggat, we have a dedicated commercial fleet team to help you with all your business vehicle needs. We stock a diverse lineup of commercial work ready vehicles available for sale at a moments notice. Not to mention the facilities, tools, equipment and certified technicians to accommodate your specific service needs. When you need the right vehicles, customized to your exact business needs. You can always count on us. You need every dollar working for you. Whether your business is 1 or 100 vehicles, we will take the time to learn about your unique business requirements and offer you real business solutions.

At Leggat, we have Commercial Fleet Specialists to provide you with the individual services you need. We will work with you to get the correct vehicles to suit your business. Each of our Specialists is an expert in their field, and each delivers a level of dedication that goes above and beyond what most dealers can offer.

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Become a Fleet member, Get your FAN number

The commercial end-user should have a minimum of 5 vehicles (cars and/or trucks of any make) in service after its present acquisition, or, place an order for (and subsequently takes delivery of) 3 or more General Motors vehicles at one time. You can learn more about eligibility requirements by contacting the Leggat Commercial Fleet Team.

A Fleet Account Number (FAN) is your unique identifier within the General Motors database. It's used to individually identify qualified fleet customers, process orders, track vehicle production and delivery, and offer incentives to specific customers. Our Dedicated Fleet Team can help navigate this process for you. Call, email or fill out the form to ask us how.

For eligible fleets, we offer incentives and programs such as fleet-specific qualified vehicle modifications or upfits, telematics offerings, parts discount programs, a comprehensive fleet warranty and more. Your Leggat Commercial Fleet Team can tell you all about these and provide you with the best solutions possible.

Smaller than 5 fleet units, don't fret we've still got you covered, your business can qualify for fleet programs. We offer several programs and incentives for small and growing businesses. We are as committed to your growth and success as you are. Your success is our success. Visit or contact you Commercial Fleet Specialist for more details.

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GM Business Choice

GM Business Choice is an incentive program designed specifically for small business owners like you. It offers valuable options to help offset the cost of getting your new GM vehicles work-ready. Available with new eligible vehicles, the Business Choice program offers four different incentive packages to choose from at no extra cost! All you have to do is choose the available option that best fits your daily business needs. *One per vehicle may be selected.

Our Partners

Leggat Commercial Fleet is proud to work with an extensive list of industry partners, preferred vendors and member associations. To provide our customers a wide array of options and benefits to help support their buying process.

Meet the Commercial Team

Jay Higgins

Commercial Fleet Manager
(905) 929-0080

Mark Falkinson

Commercial Fleet Sales Specialst
(298) 680 1985

Dwayne Vanderhooft

Commercial Fleet Sales Specialist

Zach Lawrence

Commercial Fleet Sales Specialist

Bonnie Mueller

Commercial Fleet Service Manager